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Blocked Drains Newcastle:

In recent times Blocked Drains and Damaged drains have become a serious issue for many property owners in Newcastle, and some of the causes are avoidable.

Sometimes, the annoyance of blocked and clogged drains may be easily cleared by a specialist in the area, such as Wilmot Civil. The blockage may be cleared by an electric eel or water jetter. There is a preference to the Jetter because it can prove less damaging and abrasive to the drainage system and pipes. This is particularly true if the pipes are old, but in otherwise good condition.

In these cases it is important for the longevity of the drainage system that the current blockage in the drain pipes be cleared in a way that does not further damage the drain pipes or in any way accelerate the deterioration of an aging system.

Causes of Blocked Drains in Newcastle:

There are several reasons for the increases in the occurrence of blocked drains in Newcastle.

The age of a drainage system will eventually become a factor in its failure. This is true both due to the aging process of the actual drain pipes themselves. But it is  more likely that the older a drain system is the more opportunities for damage to the system by other factors will have taken their toll.

For example,the  ingress of roots of trees and shrubs is the cause of many blockages and drain damage. The older a system is, the more likely that there will be damage to the system. In many cases the offending trees have been removed but the damaged drains make it likely that they will be prone to blockages until the damaged drainage section is either repaired properly or replaced.

Similarly debris being washed into the drainage system from the roof, ground or other sources will likely add to the probability that at some stage the drains will become blocked and require clearing.

Accumulations of cooking fats, food waste and the like over an extended period may lead to a gradual blocking off of a drainage system requiring, at the very least, professional clearing. Some Laundry detergents will solidify in the drains with a similar effect.

Unfortunately today, we still see nappies, cotton buds, sanitary towels or baby wipes causing blocked drains. This is a completely avoidable cause of a blockage and an unnecessary expense.

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Tips to Avoid Blocked Drains in Newcastle:

From our notes above some of these tips are obvious, but we should restate them all here:-

1. Discourage children from putting foreign objects and material into drains. Some of the items retrieved from drains during clearing could earn a place in Ripley’s “Believe it or Not”. Many of these items are most likely put into drains by the kids.

2. Good Housekeeping involving any surfaces which will carry storm water to the drains will avoid (or at least delay) blockages in the storm water system. Areas such as roof gutters, downpipes, roof valleys, footpaths and pits all need to be inspected regularly to avoid build-up of material which will end up in the storm water drains when it rains. Leaf guards of roof gutters can help here.

3. The sewer drains are constantly under threat from excessive cooking fats, oils or any greasy materials down sinks and the dreaded nappies, cotton buds, sanitary towels or baby wipes down toilets as previously mentioned.

4. Avoid leaving food waste on plates and cutlery when using the dishwasher. This will be end up in the drains causing a build up and a blockage.

Should you find yourself with a blocked or damaged drain, we will fix it for you.

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