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Blocked Drains Newcastle No-Dig Repairs 

Call 0432-428-532 for blocked drains Newcastle No Dig Repairs. Newcastle no-dig repairs specialists in Trenchless blocked drains repairs and drain clearing.

Blocked drains in Newcastle can be a home or building owners worst nightmare. Before you commit to digging up your driveways, paths, landscaping or even worse digging under your home, call the No-Dig professionals at Blocked Drains  Newcastle No-Dig Repairs for an analysis of your problem.

Blocked Drains Newcastle No-Dig Repairs   is a division of Wilmot Civil Pty Ltd a fully licensed and certified Plumbing and Draining Company. Wilmot Civil Pty Ltd and Wilmott Plumbing also provide a full range of plumbing, drainage and gas services as well as civil drainage and plumbing throughout the Newcastle area and beyond.

Let us look at your Blocked Drain problem in Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and Sydney to allow us to advise you on the most cost effective solution to solve your blocked drainage problem.

Drains cleared.  Pipes repaired. Work Guaranteed.

After letting any section of damaged pipe can usually be permanently repaired with a liner inserted through the pipe. This eliminates the need to dig trenches and minimizes disruption to your property.

Drains cleared with jetter and repaired from inside drain if required

It’s the most affordable, permanent solution. And we back it up – our work is guaranteed. We service residential and commercial premises throughout the greater Newcastle and Central Coast regions.

We use a Jetter for clearing pipes. It’s faster and less damaging to pipes. There’s no guess work; not with our CCTV camera recording a live view of your pipe’s current condition, and we use perma-patches for blocked drains repairs and these are guaranteed for 40 years.

Our first step is to clear the debris from your drains and to locate any damage using our cctv camera. Next we repair your drains by using the camera to position an epoxy re-liner to the exact location of the fault. Finally the re-liner is inflated, hardened and tested. Your pipe is repaired for life and guaranteed.


The most cost effective solution is the Blocked Drains Newcastle No Dig solution which is suitable for most blocked drains situations. With the Blocked Drains Newcastle No Dig solution, an inspection of the blockage or damage to the drains with a closed circuit television camera or CCTV. From this inspection the licensed plumbers and drainers from Blocked Drains Newcastle can assess the extent of the problem and properly diagnose the correct solution to provide you with a proper repair to your blocked drains or damaged drains.

Images showing drains requiring replacement

Let us repair your blocked drains before it’s too late

In most cases the no-dig solution will be the most cost effective way to treat your blockage or drain damage. Under this system, which is very similar to “key-hole surgery”. The first step is to clear any blockages located by the CCTV inspection, followed by the application from within the drains of a new lining to your existing pipes. Pipes properly treated in this way by Blocked Drains Newcastle No-Dig result in the repaired section of drain pipe being restored virtually to “as new” condition.

Image showing jetting nozzle in action clearing drains.

We’ll clear your blocked drains with our water jetter.

There are cost advantages of this type of repair carried out by the fully trained and Licensed Plumbers and Drainers from Blocked Drains Newcastle No-Dig Repairs. There are dramatic reductions or often total elimination altogether of the costs, mess and significant disruption involved in destroying and then making good concrete paths, driveways, courtyards, landscaping, fences and so on.

In more difficult blocked drains or damaged drains the Blocked Drains Newcastle No-Dig Repairs system will eliminate the need to excavate under buildings or footings thereby providing substantial savings over standard damaged drains and blocked drains repairs.

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